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Therapeutic drumming provides self-expression and an emotional release. While drumming, children, adolescents, and adults are able to focus their energies on one task, rather than potential stressors around them. Drumming often allows you to feel: Empowered to externalize their emotions in a healthy and safe environment. Book us today for your next drumming experience. We provide drum circles for schools, groups, corporate events, and more.

Price List

Our Offers

Children's Group Drum Circles


Basic beginning drum circle for children, for ages 7 to 19. This drum circle is for 1hr, and is designed for a group of 6. Can be held at our location, local school, or event.

Adult Drum Circles


Basic beginning drum circle for Adults ages 20 and up. This drum circle is for 1.5 hrs, and is designed for a group of 6. Can be held at our location, or your next event.

Individual Drumming


Basis beginning African Drumming for individuals, who are looking for grounding, healing, and emotional releasing. You can choose to drum with an instructor, or bring a friend to drum along side of you.

Drumming with Children

We utilize music and drumming, in order to teach healthy emotional regulation. While drumming, we allow to children to play how they feel on the drums, discuss emotions, and allow them to be creative using healthy self expression. Drumming also promotes healthy reassurance, self- confidence, and feelings of happiness.

Drum Circles

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