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You Ask - I Answer

Choosing an effective Therapist is like choosing a life partner - chemistry and trust are an essential combination in a successful relationship. Got questions? I’ve got answers! I go above and beyond to act as a safety net for my clients, and strive to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Take a look at some answers to the most frequently asked psychology-related questions and requests below.

How long does each session take?

~ Virtual Therapy Sessions (45 mins)
~ In-person Therapy Session (50 mins)
~ Sound Individual Bath/Healing sessions (45+ Mins)
~ Group Sound Bath/Healing sessions (45+ mins)
~ Reiki Sessions (60 mins)
~ Healing Circles (60 mins)
~ Drum Circles (60 mins)

Do you prescribe medication?

Unfortunately I do not prescribe medication. I can however provide you with resources to find a Psychiatrist.

 Why do people go to therapy and how do I know if it is right for me?

People have many different motivations for coming to psychotherapy.   Some may be going through a major life transition (unemployment, divorce, new job, etc.), or are not handling stressful circumstances well.  Some people need assistance managing a range of other issues such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship problems, spiritual conflicts and creative blocks.  Therapy can help provide some much needed encouragement and help with skills to get them through these periods. Others may be at a point where they are ready to learn more about themselves or want to be more effective with their goals in life.   In short, people seeking psychotherapy are ready to meet the challenges in their lives and ready to make changes in their lives.
Knowing if therapy is right for you can take some time and some self-reflection. You can talk to your therapist if you have any concerns about your reaction to therapy. It is important to be open with your therapist and give honest feedback on your experience so that your therapist is aware and can help make things right or even refer you to different therapist who can give you the experience you are looking for.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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